Jason I. Brown

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I can't thank you enough for making our first ever outdoor Distinctive Voices event such a huge success. Your lecture was fabulous and hit all the right notes (literally and figuratively) as the capstone of this season. … Seats for this event were scooped up in a record 8 minutes on our online reservations system.
Susan Marty, Program Director, National Academy of Sciences

It was a delight to have you on our show. One letter writer called the phone-in whimsical. But it was more than that. There was debate, story telling, and interesting things that link us together as human beings.
Margot Wright, CBC Radio

That’s brilliant! It was really striking at this end that it made an impression on people – the programme secretary, two studio managers, the technical manager, and a senior producer from another section all told me they loved it … and that was before it had even been on air. The editor and programme producer loved it too – but in a way, it means more when other staff are moved to comment on something. And a friend told me just last night that their colleagues (non-BBC) had been talking about it. And we had some great emails from listeners too. Definitely a hit! And that’s down to you, not me - so thank you!!
Ruth Alexander-White City, BBC Radio

The lecture brought meeting participants to their proverbial feet and, in fact, had them ‘dancing in the aisles’ … By making the content of his lecture easy to comprehend, Jason managed to both engage and hold his audience – even those without a background in mathematics or music.
Johan Rudnick, Executive Director, Canadian Mathematical Society

Some people thought what he was doing was sacrilegious. As a fellow Beatles fanatic, I just thought it was awesome.
Matt Blackett, Guitar Player Magazine

Find the math in your life!


Everyone, no matter whether you are mathematically inclined or not, can benefit from adding just a bit more mathematics to their daily routine. The trick is finding the math where it lies hidden. Find out how you can become more productive and more creative an both work and at play.

Jason I. Brown …

  • International public speaker
  • Known worldwide for his groundbreaking research that used mathematics to uncover musical mysteries surrounding the Beatles' songs
  • Media personality (CBC, BBC, ATV, Discovery Channel, Wall Street Journal, National Post, Guitar Player Magazine)
  • Columinst for Halifax's Chronicle Herald (Science page)
  • Speaking resume includes the National Academy of Sciences and Ideacity
  • Thought-provoking, entertaining lectures can help you not only think outside the box, but find the box in the first place!

Video (shot by ATV) for the Discovery Centre's Science Champion Award shortlisting:




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